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Tom Stirling is a graphic and website designer with over a decade of experience in digital marketing.

Originally from Glasgow Scotland, he studied multimedia design at Caledonian University – widely regarded as one of the UK’s most dynamic and innovative universities. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus was installed Chancellor of the University in 2012.

In 2013 he was the winner of a national photography contest called Project Imaginat10n sponsored by Canon Cameras and overseen by director Ron Howard. Out of approximately 100,000 entries his photo was one of the finalists and eventually selected by Twitter founder Biz Stone to serve as inspiration for his million dollar budget short film “Evermore”. His work has been featured on as well as Wired and NECN cable news.

Tom has skills in website design & development (hand coding as well as CMS experience in Drupal & WordPress), graphic design (Adobe Products including Photoshop and Illustrator), digital photography, video editing, social media & email campaigns.

A dual citizen of the United Kingdom and United States, he lives in Kennebunk, Maine with his wife and two sons. You can read his recommendations here, his blog here and can contact him here.


Tom Stirling


Project Imaginat10n

In 2012 Tom entered a nation-wide photography contest in the United States – Project Imaginat10n. The contest was run by Canon Cameras and overseen by Hollywood director Ron Howard. Out of approximately 100,000 entires his photo was selected as a finalist and eventually hand picked by Twitter founder Biz Stone to serve as inspiration for his big budget short film “Evermore”

Under the tutelage of Ron Howard the film was inspired by 10 winning entries from 10 different photographic themes. His photo was the winner in the category of “The Unknown”. Below you can view the film that was screened at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts red carpet premier in Manhattan NYC – which Tom attended in late October 2013.

His contribution to the film can be seen at approximately 3:50s. The photo that inspired this scene can be seen here and also a link to the imdb page can be found here

Tom Stirling and Twitter Co-Founder Biz StoneTom Stirling with Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone



Below you can find some samples of Tom’s work.
You can filter by media type, click on the thumbnails to see details.

Shannon Games Ltd

This project was for Shannon Games Ltdp - An award winning boardgame manufacturer based in Glasgow Scotland. <p>The site ...


This site is for a large client who needed a website for their company which is the parent company of many well known auto glass r...

Boston Beard Works

Boston Based mustache wax makers Boston Beard Works approached me with a need for a new website to replace their own home made one...

Aaron Radon

I was approached by the owner of this Maine Based Radon Mitigation company to come up with a new site when his old one become out ...

Under the Milky Way

This photo was taken in August 2015 in my back yard in Kennebunk Maine. Condistions for capturing the Milky Way where near perfect...

Royal Jelly

This is a shot I took a few years ago in Salem Massachusetts in the garden behind the house of the seven gables. Most peope think ...

Sunset Supernova

I took this image from the roof of my home in Kennebunk Maine in the early summer of 2014. For more of my photography please follo...

Stairwell Entity

This photo was taken as an experimental fun photoshoot one cold february evening in 2012 in my then home of Salem Massachusetts. T...

George Carlin

A drawing of the late great comedian George Carlin. These drawings I do for my own enjoyment and artistic outlet. This was drawn u...

Stephen King

A drawing of writer Stephen King, famous for his novels such as IT, Misery, The Shining and Salem's Lot amongst others. These draw...

Clint Eastwood

A drawing of legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood. These drawings I do for my own enjoyment and artistic outlet. This was d...


A drawing of Bryan Cranston as "Heisenberg" from AMC's "Breaking Bad". These drawings I do for my own enjoymen...

The Devil’s Choice

This is a logo I created Boston Beard Works flagship product "The Devil's Choice" the curled font suggests a sculpted mu...

Aaron Radon

A logo I created for Aaron radon Mitigation - A Maine based radon mitigation company who had no prior formal logo. The logo was cr...


A logo I created for Ridgeline Communications - A Marblehead Massachusetts based marketing company. I also designed and developed ...

Boston Beard Works

A logo I created for Boston Beard Works - Makers of fine mustache wax products based in Boston Massachusetts. The logo was created...



Below are testimonials from various clients and colleagues over the past several years.

  • Jake Matulewicz

    SEO Specialist
    Tom is an extremely gifted UX/visual designer with the ability to really get into the customers head and create a both effective and beautiful user experience. Tom not once missed a deadline, even with aggressive workloads at times. Always willing to take on work and always going above and beyond is what makes Tom a great person to work with!
  • Dave Greten

    Principal, Ridgeline Communications
    Tom is pretty much your ideal co-worker - incredibly talented, hard working, smart, and fun to be around. Tom has the rare combination of deep knowledge on design and technical subjects and the patience and humility to teach that knowledge to others. His presence is a huge plus to any environment, work or otherwise, and I recommend him without hesitation.
  • Jock Pereira

    Founder of DataOne Software (Acquired by Dominion Enterprises)
    "I had the pleasure of working with Thomas at DataOne. Thomas was one of my 'go to' people in that if I needed anything done of a graphical or design nature I could count on him to produce top notch work. From company insignias to marketing materials Thomas has a keen eye for cool design. And he turns out his work very quickly. I remember an instance where I had hired a marketing company to create a brochure for DataOne. After 2 months they came in with subpar drafts and nothing they had come up with was exciting. I asked Thomas to take a look at it. Within two days Thomas had created what ended up being our flagship brochure. In fact I was so impressed with the design that we modeled our new web site after it. Thomas has a great sense of humor and works very well in team situations. Thomas has my highest respect and is someone I feel very fortunate to have worked with him!"
  • Nicholas Doucette

    Founder of (Acquired by Linkedin)
    "Thomas' creative designed continued to impress everyone around him, finding innovative ways to present web sites while sticking solidly to the needs and desires of each individual client. His sheer artistic talent and mastery of photo & video editing software as well as web design make him an invaluable asset to the company."
  • Sean Skapars

    Lead Designer & Founder at Skapars Design Group LLC
    "Initially I had imagined creating a website to be an arduous process consisting of headbutting,constant drafts and rejections but with Thomas Stirling this wasn't the case at all, the experience has been nothing less than a true pleasure. In fact I am so satisfied with the Thomas' work I was compelled to to write this recommendation.
    Thomas Stirling is something of a rarity in the creative world, its as if he has ambidextrous mind. For example he is a truly gifted artist, an intelligent and creative thinker able to think way outside the box yet hes able to bring it home on time with incredible diligence and detail."
  • Aubry Bracco

    Survivor Contestant, Runner Up
    "I hired Thomas to build a portfolio website in 2012. His attention to detail and communication skills throughout the course of the project were outstanding.
    In addition to bringing a deep knowledge of design (from the mechanics to creative output), Thomas had an outstanding ability to listen to my wants and needs on the project and was able to apply his expertise in a way that best suited me. He was always willing to answer questions (no matter how small).
    Further, Thomas has an incredible eye for detail. He finds a way to infuse his creativity into his web design all the while keeping his clients' needs a priority.
    I highly recommend Thomas for any design project -- from a personal portfolio to a business. His attitude and work are second to none, and he made the project a positive experience from start to final product."
  • Kathryn B. Earle

    Founder of Touchstone Advisors
    "I've worked with a number of website designers, and Thomas and his services stand out. He listened very carefully to everything I wanted and he delivered a distinctive design concept and a very professional final product that met my criteria. Throughout the project, he consistently suggested improvements I had not thought of and functionality enhancements I didn't even know existed. In short, he was creative, attentive, worked quickly, and surpassed all my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing so, in the future. Thomas added great value to my business."
  • Angelica Jeffreys

    Distinctive Homes, Senior Sales & Business Development VP
    "Thomas was referred to me by a colleague in the industry as I had to design a website for my new business from scratch. He took what little input I provided him and designed an elegant and functional website that had all the content I requested and more. He also did a fantastic job making sure the website was optimized with the necessary tags so that we had high placement in search engine results. We have already received numerous visits to the website as a result. Thomas was quick to respond to any requests for changes and proactive in collaborating with our programmers to get the project completed quickly. I can strongly recommend his services"

To see all testimonials, please connect with me on linkedin.



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2016 Solstice Full Moon – Photoshoot

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Journey Into Astrophotography

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Super Blood Moon Photoshoot

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