Wordpress LogoI have recently over the past few months been experimenting with the power of the wordpress platform in order to deliver custom built sites for clients that they are able to easily maintain through a set of easy to use and intuitive backend tools.

The potential to generate clients from this open source software is phenomenal. I have been using a great tool for creating wordpress themes called artisteer. This really is a great piece of software and one that has blatantly paid for itself within the first few weeks of owning it. Through a combination of using artisteer and then going into the raw code to make a few changes in dreamweaver I have found it to be a very powerful combination in generating a branded web presence for a client that is easily maintainable and cross browser friendly.

The results that can be attained from this method of development are fantastic as a client with little or no HTML knowledge can easily add, pages, add and edit text and even include photos and rich media such as flash and video all by using a simple user friendly interface. I have even built this very website using this method and I for one am now enjoying making quick on the fly edits and changes that would have otherwise been a pain involving opening Dreamweaver to make even the most basic change.

For a look at my pilot project using this software please check out

I will also be looking shortly at Joomla and Drupal as CMS and will post a blog update to discuss the pros and cons between them all.

Yesterday I went on a walk in Winter Island in Salem Massachusetts. The weather was awesome and I brought my camera to see if I could get any new photos for my portfolio. I selected these few shots from about 50 that I took. Click on the images to view them full scale.

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