I have been informed that my photograph has made the final cut and will now feature in the Project Imagination film festival. My photo “Stairwell Entity” was selected by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to feature in his upcoming directorial debut under the tutelage of legendary Hollywood star and director Ron Howard. I am at this point unsure what the movie will be about. I do know the other photos that will be used to weave the plot which are as follows:
Stairwell Entity
Here is the full list of images Biz chose to inspire his film:

1. Danielle Austen – “Dry Dock” in Backstory
2. Rachel Procell – “Fly” in Relationship
3. Mike Williams – “Have I Missed Something?” in Goal
4. Brooke Shaden – “The Sharing Game” in Obstacle
5. Sandra Rouse – “Morning” in Time
6. David Pritchard – “Plague Doctor Mask Portrait” in Character
7. Tom Stirling – “Stairwell Entity” in The Unknown
8. Sammie Saxon – “Lost In Blue” in Mood
9. Zach Isaacson – “Escapes” in Setting
10. David Saylor – “Discovering limits” in Discovery

I will be attending the premier of the film next year and will provide photos from the event. In the meantime any publicity i might get from this will be posted in the newly established press section of this website.

Hurricane Sandy slammed the eastern seaboard last week and I was there with my camera to witness the storm in Salem Massachusetts. As the first high tide of the day approached I went down to the ocean a block or so from my house. I witnessed boats being tossed around in the water like toys, some had broken free from their anchors and where drifting. Some had crashed into others and some had hit the edge of the harbor as can be seen in one of the shots below. The photo’s seemed to have a tremendous impact on Flickr and I thought I would show them here too. Hurricanes are a terrible thing but for photographers it gives a unique opportunity to capture nature at its most violent.

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