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Scotland 2017

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My Best Photographs of 2016

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Star Trails

As promised, below is a photo made from 30 minutes of 30 second exposures stacked in photoshop to show how stars revolve around the north star (Polaris) this photo was taken in conditions that where not ideal as there was still a large moon in the sky illuminating the sky. I an hoping that soon […]

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2016 Solstice Full Moon – Photoshoot

Last night I drove out the the West Kennebunk Plains known to locals as the Blueberry Barrens. I knew that this area would be a prime location for getting a shot of the Moon as it was barely over the horizon as its an area of perhaps a few miles in every direction that has […]

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Journey Into Astrophotography

I have been taking photographs for just shy of a decade since I emigrated from Scotland to the North East United States. Since the day my father in law put a camera in my hand I was hooked on getting shots that where out of the norm. I always try to capture scenes that have […]

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