Below are testimonials from various clients and colleagues over the past several years.

  • Jake Matulewicz

    SEO Specialist
    Tom is an extremely gifted UX/visual designer with the ability to really get into the customers head and create a both effective and beautiful user experience. Tom not once missed a deadline, even with aggressive workloads at times. Always willing to take on work and always going above and beyond is what makes Tom a great person to work with!
  • Jason Furze

    Group Manager, Digital Marketing at Kaspersky Lab
    Digital Marketing on a global scale is challenging work. The pace is fast, the demands are steep, and the stakes are high. Tom and I worked together in a DM environment that was undergoing enormous change and growth. It was an experience that required people to seek out their better selves in order to stay positive, stay creative, and find unique ways to flourish. Throughout, Tom was a rock. He was a guy that could be leaned on, and he was leaned on quite heavily, and he had the respect of DM and the rest of the business to show for it. The guy is a hard worker, a good human, as even keeled as they come, and he’s hilarious too
  • Christian Mueller

    Territory Marketing Manager, Norton
    "I was working with Thomas 6 timezones away on various internal and external digital projects at Kaspersky. The most impactful was a monthly report for global Digital Marketing. Thomas developed from scratch the visual design for a infographical report, which was one of the most sucessful internal bulletins with +500 subscribers. His ability to take rough ideas and produce finished visuals was crucial for the success. His flexibility, accessibility and goal-driven work ethics were impressive and he never missed any deadlines. As he is a experienced front-end coder as well, we planned to bring this infographical report online in a secure intranet. I enjoyed a lot working with him."
  • Andreas Schneble

    Director, Digital Marketing at Kaspersky Lab
    "I worked with Thomas over many years while I was the Global VP of Digital Marketing at Kaspersky Lab. He is an extremely talented Web Producer and Designer. His photography and visual design skills are impressive and award winning. He understands the role of design in the larger marketing context. Besides his skills as a Designer Thomas is a great guy. He would be an asset to any design, web or digital team"
  • Nicholas Doucette

    Founder of (Acquired by Linkedin)
    "Thomas' creative designed continued to impress everyone around him, finding innovative ways to present web sites while sticking solidly to the needs and desires of each individual client. His sheer artistic talent and mastery of photo & video editing software as well as web design make him an invaluable asset to the company."
  • Sean Skapars

    Founder at Boston Beard Works
    "Initially I had imagined creating a website to be an arduous process consisting of headbutting,constant drafts and rejections but with Thomas Stirling this wasn't the case at all, the experience has been nothing less than a true pleasure. In fact I am so satisfied with the Thomas' work I was compelled to to write this recommendation.
    Thomas Stirling is something of a rarity in the creative world, its as if he has ambidextrous mind. For example he is a truly gifted artist, an intelligent and creative thinker able to think way outside the box yet hes able to bring it home on time with incredible diligence and detail."
  • Aubry Bracco

    Survivor Contestant, Runner Up
    "I hired Thomas to build a portfolio website in 2012. His attention to detail and communication skills throughout the course of the project were outstanding.
    In addition to bringing a deep knowledge of design (from the mechanics to creative output), Thomas had an outstanding ability to listen to my wants and needs on the project and was able to apply his expertise in a way that best suited me. He was always willing to answer questions (no matter how small).
    Further, Thomas has an incredible eye for detail. He finds a way to infuse his creativity into his web design all the while keeping his clients' needs a priority.
    I highly recommend Thomas for any design project -- from a personal portfolio to a business. His attitude and work are second to none, and he made the project a positive experience from start to final product."
  • Kathryn B. Earle

    Founder of Touchstone Advisors
    "I've worked with a number of website designers, and Thomas and his services stand out. He listened very carefully to everything I wanted and he delivered a distinctive design concept and a very professional final product that met my criteria. Throughout the project, he consistently suggested improvements I had not thought of and functionality enhancements I didn't even know existed. In short, he was creative, attentive, worked quickly, and surpassed all my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing so, in the future. Thomas added great value to my business."
  • Angelica Jeffreys

    Distinctive Homes, Senior Sales & Business Development VP
    "Thomas was referred to me by a colleague in the industry as I had to design a website for my new business from scratch. He took what little input I provided him and designed an elegant and functional website that had all the content I requested and more. He also did a fantastic job making sure the website was optimized with the necessary tags so that we had high placement in search engine results. We have already received numerous visits to the website as a result. Thomas was quick to respond to any requests for changes and proactive in collaborating with our programmers to get the project completed quickly. I can strongly recommend his services"
  • Jeremy Baucom

    Web Publishing, Kaspersky Lab
    "Tom is an extremely talented individual; his creativity and skills are one-of-a-kind. Working with Tom on a Digital Marketing team, I felt lucky to have someone on the team that I could rely on to help me implement the tasks that I needed to get done."

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