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I have recently helped my wife create a website as an outlet for her creative works. My wife designed the site and I helped her set up the technical side and did a few bits of customized coding for it.

She is creating art almost daily now. In the future I will be helping her to establish a social media presence to help support the main site to drive traffic and interactions/comments and commissions etc. Please take some time to view her work at

This is my first attempt at filming a drawing I did. I chose Muhammad Ali as he is a recognizable iconic figure. The drawing took 3.5 hours, but here it is condensed into a little bit over a minute. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments and/or subscribe to my youtube channel for future drawings and other random filming experiments.



Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

I have been re-exploring Adobe Illustrator recently having seemingly used nothing but Photoshop for many years. I wanted to draw something iconic that would be instantly recognizable to everyone. I downloaded an image of Bruce lee from the web. I then took that image into Photoshop and put it through the threshold tool to simplify the design. I then took that into illustrator and initially used live trace. This provided the rough framework for me to draw over. I used a combination of layers to achieve the end result below. The Chinese writing I researched is how Bruce Lee is written in Chinese. I used some stroke effects with Chinese ink style brushes I downloaded for this.

In the spirit of getting my blog off to a running start I am posting some drawing’s that I did several months ago. I have always loved to draw people. It’s the one thing that truly inspires me as its a great challenge drawing someone and trying to capture something of the essence of the person. As soon as I get some time to dedicate to drawing I plan to roll out many many more. I think it shall be my new years resolution to do at least a drawing every week. But for now here is a few I did earlier. Enjoy!

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