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I purchased a drone late last year. I have long wanted to get into shooting video with a drone and decided it was time to buy one. I quickly realized that a gimbal is a must-have if you want to shoot smooth gliding footage. A drone without a gimbal can do well for photos but not video. When the weather improves I hope to get outside often with my new purchase and see what I can accomplish with it. For now, here is a very quick test flight over West Kennebunk Maine.

Being relatively new to the Android Market I have been busy downloading all manner of apps for both personal amusement and apps that I feel could help me in practical ways. I have here compiled a short list of my top 5 apps that I have downloaded so far and a little bit about each one.

Google Goggles App for Android 1. Google Goggles

I have blogged about this app previously before. I honestly am amazed at how accuratley this app works. It essentially allows you to take a photo of anything, although it works best with objects that have a picture, logo or something of that nature for it to scan. It then basically searches the web based on the image you took. Id say 9 out of 10 times it produces an accurate result. It’s both entertaining and highly useful. You could be in a situation where you see a photo of something and want to know what the origin of it is or how you can buy it – take a quick photo with Google Goggles and hay presto you know everything about it in a matter of seconds!

Netflix App for Android 2. Netflix App

Being a movie buff I was blown away by this app. Theres nothing like watching a movie in bed on a lazy sunday morning and what easier way to do that than to simply stream a full length movie through your android phone with the Netflix app. I was apprehensive that the playback would be patchy, but I have not suffered any major buffering/lag on the playback. Netflix offers a whole host of original TV and films of all genres, the only drawback is that you must be a netflix member to enjoy this app.

Crackle App for Android 3. Crackle

In the same vein of the previously mentioned netflix app comes this similar app for the website Crackle. The difference with this app is that you do not need any kind of special membership to watch a variety of full length movies, TV shows as well as original productions and short films made for the crackle website. You will need to make sure you download the flash player to watch the movies which is a nice touch from the android over the apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is a must have and can entertain you for hours on end.

Wordpress App for Android 4. WordPress

Being a web designer I have come to love wordpress and consider it my first choice for building client websites on because of its easy to use interface and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for clients with little or no web knowledge to quickly and easily upload content to their very own site. This app just makes that process a whole lot cooler. It allows you to log into your wordpress site and make blog postings on the fly and directly upload them via your phone. Its amazing to think that you can take a high resolution photo and be sharing it with the world on your personal website all within seconds thanks to this well crafted app.

Facebook App for Android 5. Facebook

This is a fairly obvious app to include on a list such as this. As most people who read this will have a facebook account you can imagine how convenient this makes communicating with friends and family all over the world. Being a Scottish born American citizen who has many family members and friends back in the UK this is an awesome app to use for keeping up to date with all the goings on within your networks. It helps to make the world a smaller place and keeps people in touch like never before. I would also highly recommend the Google+ app. I think time will tell which way I go as they are both very similar in the way they function.

I have just created a design for my new business cards. I have selected 10 of my best photographs to feature on the back. Although I am listing myself as a Web Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist – I feel the visuals the photos display make the cards stand out better. I have included a QR code on the card. I had considered putting this on the back of the card to give people the option of manually going to my site or flipping it over and scanning the code with their smart phone. I just felt the need to add it as the appearance of the QR code gives the card a more cutting edge feel. Below is a sample of how they will look.

Business Card Design, Stirling Creative

The flash gadget on its own doesn’t do anything really apart from provide mild entertainment if only for a few minutes. I have however added a facebook facepile and twitter stream widgets in an attempt to gain more of a following using this flash toy as the hook.

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