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I recently went on a vacation to see my family in Glasgow Scotland. We spent part of our time together on a beautiful Island on Scotland’s west Coast – The Isle of Arran. Arran has been described as “Scotland in miniature” meaning that it offers everything that the mainland does in a more manageable scale. It has mountains, beaches, forests, castles, golf courses, villages and towns – It even has its own standing stones ala Stonehenge in the form of the Machrie moor standing stones.

I think it would take several weeks to fully get around and explore each part of the Island as 1 week was simply not long enough to enjoy all that Arran had to offer. Arran’s highest peak “Goatfell” is a breathtaking sight, whilst certainly not as large as say Ben Nevis (Scotland’s highest mountain) and the likes its dramatic peak looks like something straight out of a film.

I spent part of a day hiking to the standing stones of Machrie Moor having read about them online. They are thought to pre-date the pyramids and could be as old as 4,000 BC. It was a fairly long and muddy walk but for me well worth the effort to look and touch something as historic. I got several shots of them as can be seen in the gallery below.
If you are ever considering a visit to Scotland I would most definitely recommend the Isle of Arran – especially if you are restricted in terms of time it’s a fantastic place to get a sense of what Scotland as a whole has to offer. Please take some time to view some of the sights I got a chance to take in while there below.

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