As Christmas approaches I was thinking of ways to boost my social media followers and fans. I decided to dust off my flash skills and create a custom flash snow-globe to appeal to people’s sense of holiday spirit. The flash gadget on its own doesn’t do anything really apart from provide mild entertainment if only for a few minutes. I have however added a facebook facepile and twitter stream widgets in an attempt to gain more of a following using this flash toy as the hook.

I plan on periodically posting the link to the widget on my various social media platforms and in other places such as email signatures and forum signatures. I will monitor my campaign over the next month and see if its an effective way of getting people interested in joining my social media network. Click the image below to check the snow-globe out and if your not already a fan, please feel free to use the widgets on the page to become one and spread the word if you like it.

The flash movie itself uses a blend of XML and flash animation/actionscript to achieve the overall effect.