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Last week I went on a sunset photoshoot for my client Skapars Design Group to document 2 of their most recent jobs located in Cambridge Massachusetts and Roslindale Massachusetts. Here are the shots processed using a mixture of Photoshop CS5 and Picasa 3. I also used a panoramic stitching program for several of the shots to show the wide angle effect. On the actual webiste you can also check out a couple of “before” the landscaping photos as well as technical blueprints for each site to get a sense of how my client transformed each garden from orinary to extraordinary. Please ckick on the thumnails below to see some of the shots from last weeks shoot.

I have just created a design for my new business cards. I have selected 10 of my best photographs to feature on the back. Although I am listing myself as a Web Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist – I feel the visuals the photos display make the cards stand out better. I have included a QR code on the card. I had considered putting this on the back of the card to give people the option of manually going to my site or flipping it over and scanning the code with their smart phone. I just felt the need to add it as the appearance of the QR code gives the card a more cutting edge feel. Below is a sample of how they will look.

Business Card Design, Stirling Creative

I have recently helped my wife create a website as an outlet for her creative works. My wife designed the site and I helped her set up the technical side and did a few bits of customized coding for it.

She is creating art almost daily now. In the future I will be helping her to establish a social media presence to help support the main site to drive traffic and interactions/comments and commissions etc. Please take some time to view her work at

The flash gadget on its own doesn’t do anything really apart from provide mild entertainment if only for a few minutes. I have however added a facebook facepile and twitter stream widgets in an attempt to gain more of a following using this flash toy as the hook.

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