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I am venturing back into art. It’s usually a winter pastime for me on those dark nights where you need something to fill your time. But I recently got inspired watching youtube videos of other artists and figured I would start to crank out a new piece of art every week

David Bowie

I am currently building a portfolio of work to hold an art gallery showing in Boston in the Summer of 2015.
I am torn as to what the theme should be for the show. Until this point I have primarily drawn celebrities that people would (hopefully) instantly recognize with the exception of a few non main stream personal favorites that might not be household names.
I’m now thinking of taking a different track and starting to research, find and photograph interesting faces. My thoughts are the show could exhibit one or the other or perhaps both famous and non famous faces. Something like “Rags to Riches”
For now I’ll be working each evening to produce new work to really fill out a large portfolio, I will also need to start working in different sizes as right now I’ve been using 11″x9″ bristol board – but it would be more interesting to have a gallery showing various sizes that are much larger also.
below is the first few images that I might use – If you are reading this post later than the time of writing I have “hopefully” updated more work below.


This post will be updated at regular intervals during 2014. It will document a year of art production. I mainly specialize in portraits of people – normally famous people such as actors, musicians etc. I am also hoping to do some personal portraits of friends and family and may even throw in a self portrait for good measure. This page will likely mainly consist of graphite pencil on paper, however I hope to occasionally do some other work such as watercolor paint, oils and acrylics as well as some charcoal work.

Please feel free to bookmark the page and check it regularly for updates. Also if you have a special request of someone you would like to see me capture with my pencil, please drop me a line using the form below and I will see what I can do. I hope you enjoy the gallery and are a frequent visitor.

January 2014 Additions

February 2014 Additions

UPDATE – There was no new art between March and November! – Due to buying a home and moving state and tending to 2 young sons as well as my full time job this got understandably sidetracked, but I plan on closing out the year strong, here is the first of the new end of year artworks.

November 2014 Additions

December 2014 Additions

Having been on leave from work for the last week or so I have had a chance to step away from the stress of the daily grind and again discover the joy of picking up a camera and heading out to find interesting photo opportunities to add to my portfolio. I have been away from photography now for too long and it has been one of my new years resolutions to get back on the horse and start to really build new material into my repertoire. Below is a selection of shots taken in early January 2012, hope you enjoy them.

I have just created a design for my new business cards. I have selected 10 of my best photographs to feature on the back. Although I am listing myself as a Web Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist – I feel the visuals the photos display make the cards stand out better. I have included a QR code on the card. I had considered putting this on the back of the card to give people the option of manually going to my site or flipping it over and scanning the code with their smart phone. I just felt the need to add it as the appearance of the QR code gives the card a more cutting edge feel. Below is a sample of how they will look.

Business Card Design, Stirling Creative

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